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Ongoing project

Market access, maintenance and development programs (AL17008 and AL19002)

Key research provider: Almond Board of Australia

What’s it all about?

These investments are supporting the continued development of export markets for Australian almonds by facilitating industry representation in key overseas markets. A key challenge for the almond industry is to develop markets for the next large surge in production which has been forecast at an additional 20,000 tonnes by 2027. These projects contribute to a broader export development program for almonds and increasing demand overseas.

Project AL17008 was established in 2017 to facilitate industry representation at several international trade shows, and project AL19002 began in 2019 to expand the scope of the program to include activities such as industry communications and delivery of education programs.

Key activities of the program include, but are not limited to:

  • Representation at several international trade shows including SIAL Paris, ANUGA Cologne, Gulfoods, China Tree Nut Conference, SIAL China, Supermarket Trade Show Japan, Food & Hotel Indonesia and Food Ingredients Asia.
  • Representation at trade exhibitions in emerging markets including Thailand and Chile.
  • An in-market mission to India involving industry seminars conducted with Austrade.

  • United promotion of the Australian Almonds brand that all participating growers and exporters display under at trade exhibitions.

  • Digital engagement with Indonesian and Chinese industry to support presence at trade shows. This will include translation of the Australian Almonds website into relevant languages.
  • Ramping up communications with major nut importers, wholesalers, retailers and food manufacturers via e-newsletters, video content and social media (such as WeChat in China and WhatsApp in India) on the quality of Australian almonds and upcoming events.

  • Development of market-specific websites for India and Japan that provide a repository of information about the Australian almond industry in their own language to existing and potential customers.

  • Delivery of industry-specific trade education programs such as:

    • The value of Australian almonds to the Indian almond trade at Diwali

    • The value of on-pack health messaging for China, Indonesia and New Zealand.

  • Delivery of education programs in India, China and Indonesia:

    • For food professionals, providing an interactive learning where attendees can cook new almond dishes and learn about their nutritional value, versatility and value-add opportunities as well as an introduction to the almond industry in Australia.

    • For health professionals, using the resources developed by project Educating health professionals (AL16007) to leverage the important role that almonds can play in health and nutrition.

  • A five-year review on almond shipment history was undertaken after ongoing disruptions to the supply chain over the COVID-19 period. The review will help to inform a strategic plan for market development and growth opportunities in different markets.
  • Information has been collated on market access limitations including freight constraints and the new China import registration decrees to inform growers and supply chain workers of most current requirements.
  • Additional emphasis has been put on the industry’s sustainability practices as manufacturing customers are requesting more advanced reporting on sustainability policies. The Almond Board of Australia (ABA) Sustainability Committee has conducted three workshops to develop the Australian Sustainable Almonds Program (ASAP) Technical Framework
  • The two major health events, World Heart Day (September 2021) and World Diabetes Day (November 2021), were leveraged across key export markets to create awareness of the health benefits of almonds in combatting CVD and diabetes.
  • A central website has been developed which drives multiple market-specific pages for each global trading partner. The pages feature key messaging which includes sustainability, health and versatility, almond range, crop update with industry statistics and industry news.

Progress towards strengthening the Australian almond industry in international trade markets is underway…

  • Discussions and activities to increase the footing of the Australian almond industry in a range of markets are progressing, particularly with India and Japan. Frequent communication has been established to address common market access issues and to improve trade activities.
  • With the recent impact of COVID-19 globally, future trade exhibition activities have been postponed. However, in late-2019 a trade mission to Delhi in India was undertaken which received positive feedback. This included a major trade seminar and networking event, plus retail visits, trade partner meetings and engagement with Indian social media influencers and health professionals. To learn more about trade mission, check out the article on p17 of the Summer 2019/20 edition of the levy-funded In A Nutshell
  • In 2019/20, both the food professional education initiative (mid-2019) and the health professional education initiative (Feb-2020) were held in Indonesia. The events showcased the use of Australian almonds within dishes and promoted their health and nutritional benefits through a fitness expo. For 2020/21, programs will centre on India, China and Indonesia. The food professional component will focus on educating chefs on the quality and health attributes of almonds, while the health professional component will highlight the benefits of the nuts in relation to heart health, diabetes and sports nutrition.
  • As part of new trade communication activities, the development of websites for the India and Japan markets is underway, as is the establishment of trade-focused social media.
  • Quarterly e-newsletter and video updates have been developed and distributed to showcase the Australian almond industry to export markets and trade partners. This includes both established markets (Europe, India and the Middle East) and emerging markets (China, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand and New Zealand).


Learn more about the 2019 trade mission to Delhi, India on p17 of the Summer 2019/20 edition of In A Nutshell.

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These projects are strategic levy investments in the Hort Innovation Almond Fund