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Delivery partners Partnership opportunities Supporting innovation in the Australian papaya industry

Supporting innovation in the Australian papaya industry

Closing date: May 15, 2024

Request for Proposal

Horticulture Innovation Australia (Hort Innovation) is a not-for-profit, grower-owned Research and Development Corporation (RDC) for Australia’s $16.3 billion horticulture industry. Hort Innovation invests around $120 million in research and development (R&D) and marketing programs annually to provide benefit to industry and the wider community.

Hort Innovation is seeking a suitably qualified, experienced and capable delivery partner for the project: Supporting innovation in the Australian papaya industry (PP23003).

This investment will provide the support and resources to achieve the Extension and Capability outcomes listed in the Australian papaya industry’s Strategic Investment Plan (22-26).  That is, this investment will support the development of improved capability and an innovative culture in the Australian papaya industry that maximizes investments in productivity and demand.

The successful proponent will develop a methodology that will provide opportunity for engagement between and across industry members and relevant stakeholders; and support positive change in the high priority areas, starting with a focus on phytophthora for at least the first 18 months.  As such, the successful proponent will be expected to work closely with the delivery team of the better understanding of papaya phytophthora rot project (PP23001), including synchronisation of the delivery of relevant milestones.

Hort Innovation has prepared a Request for Proposal (RFP) document that provides background information, outlines the scope of services, the procurement process and the information required from interested parties.

The RFP may be downloaded from (you will need to be a member of to access this information).

The closing date for responses is May 15 2024, 3:00PM (AEST)