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Delivery partners Partnership opportunities Robotic UV-C system for sustainable powdery mildew control

Robotic UV-C system for sustainable powdery mildew control

Closing date: July 30, 2024

Request for Proposal

Hort Innovation is seeking a suitably qualified, experienced and capable delivery partner for the project: Robotic UV-C system for sustainable powdery mildew control (AS23010).

The objectives of the services being sought are to:

  • Validate the effectiveness of UV-C application for powdery mildew control under the climate and diverse strawberry, cucumber, and table grape varieties in Australia. 
  • Evaluate UV dosage requirements and the biological mechanisms of UV-C tolerance in powdery mildew populations, comparing Northern Hemisphere conditions to Australia, to determine optimal UV dosage levels for effective control of powdery mildew.
  • Implement/Adapt/Explore two versions of the UV-C equipment: a tractor-pulled unit and a second version within a robotic and autonomous structure. This exploration aims to optimise operation and treatment efficacy, considering the characteristics of each crop involved in the project.

 Hort Innovation has prepared a Request for Proposal (RFP) document that provides background information, outlines the scope of services, the procurement process and the information required from interested parties.

The RFP may be downloaded from (you will need to be a member of to access this information).

The closing date for responses is July 30, 2024, 3.00pm (AEST).