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Completed project

Australian onion industry communications program (VN18003)

Key research provider: Cox Inall Communications, RMCG and Onions Australia
Publication date: Thursday, July 14, 2022

What was it all about?

From 2019 to 2022, this project delivered effective and timely communications to ensure Australian onion growers and other industry stakeholders were kept up-to-date with the latest R&D outcomes, marketing activities, and other industry news and information. In communicating R&D in particular, the ultimate goal was to lead to practice change for growers, boosting productivity and profitability.

The regular communication channels produced and maintained by the project include but weren’t limited to:

  • An annual magazine focusing on the latest R&D updates for onion growers, available online here.
  • Quarterly e-newsletter, The Onion Project, with relevant industry information, available online here.
  • Podcasts (audio recordings) highlighting industry R&D, marketing and other information, available online here.
  • Videos detailing R&D work, available online here.
  • Annual disease alert poster, available online here.
  • Case studies, to showcase practice change associated with the adoption of R&D, available online here.
  • Regional levy-payer meetings and corresponding grower walks/field days, held twice yearly, with details circulated in industry channels.