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Historical document

Extension service for the Victorian vegetable industry (VG12107)

Key research provider: Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria
Publication date: 2016

This is a final research report from Hort Innovation’s historical archives. Please note that as these reports may date back as far as the 1990s, the content and recommendations within them may be superseded by more recent research.

What was it all about?

This project enabled the Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria (VGA Vic) to engage the part-time services of an Industry Extension Officer to provide industry development services to the Victorian vegetable industry. These services included communication and extension of research and development (R&D) outcomes and farm business information through VGA Vic publications and farm visits.

Publications that were utilised for the communication of information through this project included the VGA Vic quarterly magazine and the In-The-Field newsletter which were distributed to VGA Vic Members, Associate Members and other industry stakeholders. These publications included R & D activities and outcomes and other industry issues.

VGA Vic Extension staff produced four magazines during this project as well as 26 In-the-Field publications, attended many meetings and events and kept growers informed of relevant and important matters relating to their business. These publications, along with the VGA Vic website were the main communication vehicles for Victorian vegetable growers and industry stakeholders.

Grower visits had also been conducted to distribute information on behalf of researchers and agencies delivering R&D to the Victorian and Australian vegetable industries.


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Funding statement:
This project was funded by Hort Innovation (then Horticulture Australia Limited) with co-investment from the Vegetable Growers Association of Victoria and funds from the Australian Government.

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