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Ongoing project

De-risking and future-proofing Australian table grape production (TG23001)

Key research provider: Australian Table Grape Association

What is it all about?

This investment provides the Australian table grape industry and the wider supply chain with industry-specific information and tools to enable producers to de-risk their businesses and future-proof the industry.

The Australian table grape industry is at a pivotal juncture, grappling with challenges and opportunities in a changing climate and with export-driven expansions. Australian table grape growers and the supply chain continue to demand industry-specific information concerning the impact of external factors, vine health, biosecurity, sustainability, climate change, technologies, industry data availability, social connectivity and future R&D. Additionally, expectations of consumers and retailers domestically and in overseas markets in regards to safety, appearance and the sustainable production of their food, along with the focus on compliance and regulation of Governmental agencies are increasing rapidly. 

This project will focus on the following aspects to build flexibility and resilience into table grape production systems:

  • Delivering timely, tailored information on current and strategic issues impacting the table grape industry along the supply chain
  • Providing tools and information to assist producers in de-risking their businesses from impacts caused by external factors such as climate change, biosecurity issues, regulation, markets, water availability, etc.
  • Providing producers with tools, data, technologies, and information to improve table grape vineyard management, enabling producers to make better-informed decisions to future-proof their businesses. 
  • Building partnerships and networks to ensure the Australian table grape industry is relevant in the future and an active participant in Australia’s horticulture industries. 

The extension strategy prepared during Extension of technologies and best management practices to the Australian table grape industry (TG19000), the industry’s first extension and development project, highlighted which areas needed further industry support, extension and development. The independent midterm evaluation of TG19000 recommended building on the strong foundations of the previous first three years and continuing to raise awareness, provide information and tools to support producers in decision-making and to de-risk their business as well as having the flexibility to respond quickly to any emerging issue was seen as very important. 

Through this investment, the skills and knowledge provided to the table grape industry will motivate producers and ensure they are better positioned to tackle current and future challenges and opportunities in the industry and de-risk their businesses based on the information provided.

Related levy funds

This project is a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Table Grape Fund