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Ongoing project

Advanced production for temperate nut crops (various projects)

Key research provider: Various partners

What’s it all about? 

This investment is developing advanced production systems for nut industries using two tree nut crops, almond and walnuts, as model crops. The project partners will establish and demonstrate more intense production systems, enabling the Australian temperate nut industries to increase profitability while minimising negative economic and environmental impacts. This project is a collaborative piece of work funded through the Australian Government’s Rural R&D for Profit initiative. 

Plantings of superior performing almond and walnut varieties, on size controlling rootstocks, will be established and optimised using water and nutrient management strategies to enable the impact of planting density to be assessed. The project teams will quantify the impact of temperate nut production on orchard soils and develop alternative crop waste material management techniques to enhance overall soil quality, reducing inputs and negative impacts. 

Ultimately, the project will identify best management practices for growers and will establish realistically scaled demonstration orchards in the major temperate nut orchards to show industry the potential impact of intensive systems. 


This project is managed by Hort Innovation and supported by funding from the Australian Government’s Rural R&D for Profit program.