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Ongoing project

Educating health professionals about Australian potatoes (PU19002)

Key research provider: Seedbed Media

What’s it all about?

This investment began in 2019 to provide credible, evidence-based information and resources to educate health professionals about the attributes and benefits of Australian potatoes. Potatoes are highly nutritious, being rich in vitamins B and C, dietary fibre and potassium, with several varieties also having a low to medium glycaemic index.

Key activities of the project include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing a science-based digital platform housing research and resources that can be shared with health professionals including dietitians, nutritionists, GPs, students of health-related disciplines, naturopaths, personal trainers and health coaches

  • Building engagement with health professionals via social media channels

  • Testing the nutritional profile of several Australian potato varieties to ensure up to date information is being disseminated by the project.

Work to engage and educate health professionals about the benefits of Australian potatoes is underway, with the project team reporting progress in the following areas:

  • In March-2020 an enewsletter was sent out to approximately 7300 health professionals which included links to a fact sheet on cooking potatoes and a registration link to an industry specific webinar to be held the following month. The fact sheet presented key takeaways on how to maximise the nutritional value of potatoes when cooking. The webinar which was held in early April was broadcast via Zoom by Dr Jane Watson, a dietitian, and covered topics on potato preparation and maintaining nutrients while cooking.
  • Infographics have been produced and are available on the Aussie potatoes website.
  • Aussie Potatoes Facebook and Instagram channels have been established to engage and educate the public on the benefits of Australian potatoes.
  • Development of the Australian potatoes’ website has taken place with a landing page now available for growers and interested parties to subscribe to the database and newsletters. Further developments to the website will be ongoing throughout the project.
  • Potato varieties for nutritional testing have been shortlisted and testing should commence shortly.


Access the fact sheet Cooking potatoes: 4 ways to maximise nutritional value

Watch the webinar Follow the science – preparing potatoes without losing nutrients (47 mins)

See the infographics which detail key information on resistant starch in potatoes and the nutritional value of potatoes.

Visit the Aussie potatoes website for up to date information and to access new resources when available.

A communications and engagement strategy has been developed outlining a program of education materials that will be developed targeting health professionals, such as dietitians, nutritionists, naturopaths, GPs, students of health-related disciplines, personal trainers and health coaches.

The project will include a website with links to peer-reviewed research papers and fact sheets. Information will also be shared via fact sheets, news articles and social media engagement. These will be released in coming months.