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GrowersHelp your business growResearch reports, publications, fact sheets and more Building best management practice capacity for the Australian mango industry (MG17000)
Ongoing project

Building best management practice capacity for the Australian mango industry (MG17000)

Key research provider: The Australian Mango Industry Association

What’s it all about?

Beginning in mid-2018 this investment represents the latest capacity building project for the mango industry. It supports the role and activities of mango industry development manager Samantha Frolov, who can be reached on 0400 810 365 or at, while also facilitating the work of part-time, region-specific industry development officers – Marine Empson for Queensland (on 0457 555 838 or at and Sarah Hain for the Northern Territory (on 0457 555 939 or at

Specific activities for these roles include…

  • Production of forecasts and crop flow tables during the season, updated weekly here and circulated in industry communications. 

  • Assisting growers with on-farm maturity testing. Ahead of harvest periods, this investment will allow growers access to near-infrared technology in the form of Felix 750 Produce Quality Meters, which are used to non-destructively measure dry matter. Growers will be able to book an on-farm visit, learn about the maturity assessment visits, or access calibration services for their own Felix metres by contacting the Australian Mango Industry Association during the season.

  • Export development work. The project’s role here involves collecting and reviewing applications from growers and packhouses looking to export to markets with specific on-farm phytosanitary requirements, and continued delivery of crop monitoring training to growers, monitors and industry consultants (necessary for orchards approved for exporting mangoes to key markets including China, Korea and the US).

  • Crop protection work, with the project team tasked with the regular provision of information on crop management options to growers, consultants and other industry participants. This includes responding to grower queries relating to new and existing chemical control products, involvement in the applications for minor use permits, and the development and provision of relevant industry workshops and training programs.

  • Project collaboration and input. The project team will work with other projects in various capacities, including input into the mapping mango orchards component of the Rural R&D for Profit project described here, and the across-industry tree crop productivity project described here.


Related levy funds

This project is a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Mango Fund