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Ongoing project

Nashi consumer research 2020 (NA19001)

Key research provider: Colmar Brunton

What’s it all about?

This short investment will arm the Australian nashi industry with crucial insights into consumer attitudes and behaviours towards nashi pears. The project team will deliver a profile of the nashi market that can be used by growers and industry to understand the current state of play as well as opportunities for the industry to take advantage of in the future.

Through surveying consumers, the project team will collect and analyse information on important factors such as triggers and barriers to purchase, health and nutrition understanding, taste preferences, fruit quality expectations, ease of purchasing, optimal price points, packaging opinions and future purchase intent.

This research will also be used to inform future investments in the Hort Innovation Nashi Fund.

Related levy funds

This project is a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Nashi Fund