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Completed project

Consumer usage and attitude tracking 2022/23 (MT21202)

Key research provider: Fifty-Five Five
Publication date: Tuesday, January 9, 2024

What was it all about?

This investment provided a category tracking service to allow various horticultural categories to better understand consumer usage and attitudes and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

The insights gained from this program helped industry answer questions such as:

  • How do consumer trends and movements in behaviours, usage and attitudes to fresh produce change over time?
  • How do these trends and evolving expectations of consumers inform future demand opportunities for both the whole-of-horticulture, as well as individual industries?
  • What perception metrics drive usage and purchase?
  • What are the barriers to brand/category salience and purchase and how do we overcome these to drive future growth?

The program also examined the effectiveness of Hort Innovation marketing campaigns to determine how salient they are in market, what their impact is on consumer usage, attitudes and future purchase intent, and how effective they are at driving messaging comprehension and enjoyment.

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