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Demonstrating the impact of Hort Innovation R&D investments completed in 2018/19

Publication date: 30 November 2020

This webinar presented the 2018/19 results of Hort Innovation’s impact assessment program. 

Past event (Thursday 10 December 2020)

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What was this webinar about?

Hort Innovation engaged independent consultants to evaluate the impact of our R&D investments, providing insights into the type and magnitude of impacts that are being generated across the company’s strategic levy programs. This webinar will present the 2018/19 results of the impact assessment program.

The program uses a framework approach consistent with the Council of Rural Research and Development Corporations’ (CRRDC) impact assessment guidelines, incorporating both qualitative and quantitative elements. The method has been used to identify and report the impacts from, and economic performance of, 15 individual randomly sampled R&D investments.

For an overview of the top-level results and to see how the assessments were made, see this article.  

Find more information about the impact assessments undertaken on specific projects from 2018/19 visit the Hort Innovation website: 


  • How impacts from Hort Innovation strategic R&D levy investments are identified
  • How projects are sampled for assessment to ensure a representative sample
  • The types of economic, social and environmental benefits generated from the sampled projects
  • The results from quantifying the economic impacts from the identified benefits
  • How to interpret these results using an example project.


  • Introduction
  • Economic impact assessment program
  • Description of the methodology
  • Types of benefits identified both to growers and society 
  • Results of the impact assessment, including an example
  • Q&A
  • Use of the results and the value of the information

The host and guest presenters

Adam Briggs, Head of Data & Insights, Hort Innovation

Adam drives Hort Innovation’s Data & Insights function. He leads the management of the industry analysis R&D portfolio and the undertaking of investment analysis and supports the delivery of the Monitoring & Evaluation Framework.

Brendan O'Keeffe, Analyst, Hort Innovation 

Brendan manages the supply-side industry analysis portfolio, which includes production census and industry benchmarking projects, among others. Monitoring and evaluation is also a key part of his role, both to inform investment decisions and to assess the performance of completed investments. Brendan is passionate about using economics in a targeted manner to inform decision making at both a grower level and an industry strategic level.

Michael Clarke, PrincipalAgEconPlus

Michael is a degree qualified agricultural economist (University of Sydney) with more than 30 years of professional experience. Michael was an economist with the NSW Government Departments of Lands and Agriculture between 1987 and 1990 before joining agricultural consultants Hassall & Associates. At Hassall, he lead the company’s Australian Consulting Division before leaving in 2004 to start his own consulting business, AgEconPlus (

In February 2019, Michael Clarke of AgEconPlus and Talia Hardaker and Peter Chudleigh of Agtrans were appointed for three years to complete the Horticulture Impact Assessment Program. Michael Clarke has recently completed research impact assessments for AgriFutures Australia, AMPC, Australian Eggs, Hort Innovation, MLA, and the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research.


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