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Exploring the horticulture sector’s export trade performance in 2019-20

Publication date: 14 July 2020

This webinar looked at latest trade data and unpacked the performance of fresh horticulture exports across the fruit, vegetable, nut and amenity sectors over the last 12 months and provided perspective on the major markets and products driving growth trends.

Past event (Thursday 3 September 2020)

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Question 1 

How are horticulture industries managing the political risks around China at the moment, is there a risk of over-reliance?

Response: Diversification is good business practice and COVID has demonstrated the need to look further afield. Continuing to build relations and trade in countries where you have gained success is also important for long-term trading relations.

Question 2 

What campaigns, if any, are planned in the vegetable space?

Response: Through the strategic R&D levy and the Ausveg international trade program, the vegetable industry will have a presence at Asia Fruit Logistica (virtual trade show) and several webinars and seminars that are coming up. Through Taste Australia, the industry will also have a suite of retail training materials which will be launched towards the end of the year. These modules will help the industry educate retailers and partners in supply chain best-practice such as handling, storing, and merchandising. 

For more information about the Taste Australia program including the education and training materials please contact Julie Willis, International Trade Manager – Market Development at

Question 3 

Australia grows green & clean products, which will always be in demand in Asia but how are you measuring satisfactory levels in Asia? Are we getting the right price for our products?

Response: The 'Clean and safe' labels are very important in promoting our products overseas but we don’t own this position as many of our competitors also offer ‘green and clean’ products.  The Taste Australia program, with both marketing and research & development activities such as trade shows, focus on underpinning these key messages with our unique ‘Australian’ position. This position is beyond clean, green, and safe, it showcases our people, places and products. Our story is around our passionate growers, our landscape, sunshine, fertile soils, diversified temperatures to allow annual production and of course our products which are the best in the world.  When we tell the Australian story we provide a case beyond just price, we show value and uniqueness.  

What was this webinar about?

The horticulture sector has experienced strong export performance over the last five years, driven by improved market access and increasing demand for high quality fresh and seasonal produce in emerging markets. In 2019-20, the value of fresh horticulture exports continued to grow, reaching a new high of $2.85 billion (3 per cent annual growth).

This webinar looked at the latest trade data and unpacked the performance of fresh horticulture exports across the fruit, vegetable, nut and amenity sectors over the last 12 months and provided perspective on the major markets and products driving growth trends.

The session also explored the contribution of the trade marketing initiative “Taste Australia” in supporting positive outcomes for aligned export-focused horticulture industries.

This webinar is part one of a two-part series. The second instalment will consider further the initiatives being taken to support the sector to manage COVID related impacts. More information on the second session can be viewed here.


  • Review of horticulture export performance over the 2019-20 period by market and product
  • Growth drivers and trends over the last five years
  • Review of Hort Innovation Taste Australia initiatives through the 2019-20 period


  • Introductions to the topic, the panellists and housekeeping
  • Overview of the 2019-20 horticulture export trade data performance
  • Review Hort Innovation Trade activities including Taste Australia initiatives in 2019-20
  • Q&A from the participants
  • Summary, closing and ‘What’s next?’.

The host and guest presenters

Adam Briggs, Head of Data & Insights, Hort Innovation

Adam drives Hort Innovation’s Data & Insights function. He leads the management of the industry analysis R&D portfolio and the undertaking of investment analysis and supports the delivery of the Monitoring & Evaluation Framework.

Louis Williams, Investment Analyst, Hort Innovation 

Louis is an Investment Analyst working closely with the Data & Insights and Investment Management teams supporting data analysis, data visualisation, portfolio management and trade data insights.

Laura Davies, International Brand Manager, Hort Innovation 

Laura manages the national across-horticulture brand "Taste Australia" for export-focused industries. She designs insight-led marketing campaigns in 10 Asian Markets for trade and consumers. Her aim is to make Australian produce the number one preference of choice for overseas customers

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