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Completed project

Citrus fruit export China and Japan (CT17005)

Key research provider: Added Value Australia
Publication date: Wednesday, October 31, 2018

What was it all about?

The results of this research investment have helped develop a clear and strong positioning for Australian citrus in key export markets, that will be able to be used to command a premium in both the Japanese and Chinese markets specifically – particularly in the face of rising exports from other nations.

The work builds on the learnings from earlier investment Consumer research in key export markets for the citrus industry (CT17005), which delivered broad market insights, and will hone in on the opportunity areas for Australian citrus via direct qualitative research with consumers in both markets.

The project’s insights have already begun feeding into the citrus trade and marketing activity that takes place under Hort Innovation’s Taste Australia export-market umbrella, and will continue to facilitate targeted, sophisticated and effective approaches to guide overall investment in citrus export marketing.

Some of its key findings included:

  • While traditionally the message of ‘clean and green’ has been used to differentiate premium product, in both China and Japan safety and quality of produce are increasingly a requirement, and are being met by most competitors. ‘Clean and green’ messaging may not support a differentiated offer, nor a premium price point into the future.

  • For both Chinese and Japanese consumers, the positivity of the Australian lifestyle carries very strong appeal. There is opportunity in leveraging Australia’s lifestyle and its associations to engage with end consumers more effectively and to drive a new premium point of difference.

  • Focusing export marketing around the point of consumption (that is, ‘what you’ll get from eating Australian citrus’) is a new target as opposed to activity targeted at point of purchase (that is, ‘this is what you should buy’).

You can find out more in the project team’s ‘Harvesting the elixir of Australis’ presentation.

Related levy funds

This project was a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Citrus Fund