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R&D projects

Discover turf levy investments into Turf Fund R&D initiatives

The turf levy has been invested into following Hort Innovation Turf Fund R&D initiatives, together with Australian Government contributions.

Discover the projects that you want to see by refining the list by ongoing, completed, and historical R&D projects as well as projects by R&D portfolio type. You can also filter the projects by areas of extension and communications, international trade, and data and insights.

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Ongoing project

Turf industry communications program (TU22000)

This project is responsible for keeping Australian turf growers and other industry stakeholders informed about the progress of their levy investments, as well as other vital industry information.

3 April 2023

Ongoing project

Turf industry development and extension project (TU21001)

This investment is designed to support the development of the Australian turf industry, and drive an increase in the value of turf.

14 July 2022

Ongoing project

Lean leaders program (TU21002)

This investment provides the opportunity for turf levy payers to participate in the Moshie National Lean Leaders program. The program was developed specifically for horticultural industry needs and seeks to educate participants on how to lead and sustain continuous improvement in their workplace.

13 July 2022

Completed project Final Research Report

Field-based testing for fall armyworm (MT19014)

This short investment conducted research to foster national collaboration in monitoring the movement of fall armyworm

1 June 2022

Ongoing project

Australian Horticulture Statistics Handbook 2021-22 to 2023-24 (MT21006)

This whole-of-horticulture investment is responsible for producing Hort Innovation’s annual Australian Horticulture Statistics Handbook

11 May 2022

Completed project

Ex-post impact assessment – industry specific (MT20008)

Through this investment, independent consultants evaluatde the impact of R&D investments in the Hort Innovation Berry, Mango, Nursery and Turf Funds.

19 January 2022

Completed project

Turf industry statistics 2017/18 to 2019/20 (TU17005)

This investment provided accurate and reliable data for the turf industry to allow turf growers and the broader industry to make timely and effective decisions in planning and resource prioritisation.

2 December 2021

Ongoing project

Turf industry statistics 2020-21 to 2024-25 (TU21000)

This investment is tasked with providing accurate and reliable data for the turf industry

23 November 2021