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R&D projects

Discover nursery levy investments into Nursery Fund R&D initiatives

The nursery levy has been invested into following Hort Innovation Nursery Fund R&D initiatives, together with Australian Government contributions.

Discover the projects that you want to see by refining the list by ongoing, completed, and historical R&D projects as well as projects by R&D portfolio type. You can also filter the projects by areas of extension and communications, international trade, and data and insights.

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Completed project Final Research Report

Nursery industry environmental and technical research and extension 2008 to 2009 (NY08002)

This project provided a coordinated response to key environmental and technical issues that impact the sustainability of the Australian nursery industry.

5 May 2023

Ongoing project

Validating water disinfestation systems in nursery production (NY21002)

This project is evaluating and comparing the effectiveness of current and alternative irrigation water disinfestation methods so that guidelines on their use can be provided to the Australian nursery industry.

19 April 2023

Ongoing project

Nursery sustainability – undertaking a lifecycle assessment (NY22001)

This investment is developing a benchmarking tool for nursery growers to compare their environmental performance against industry-average benchmarks.

9 February 2023

Ongoing project

Nursery industry communications program (NY22000)

This investment develops interest within greenlife businesses in the research, development, marketing, and extension projects funded by the nursery levy and encourages their participation in these projects for the direct benefit of their businesses, as well as for the wider benefit of the industry.

19 December 2022

Completed project Final Research Report

Australian nursery industry communications program (NY18001)

This program ensured Australian nursery and garden growers and other industry stakeholders were kept up-to-date with the latest news, information and R&D and marketing updates to support decision-making within businesses

19 December 2022

Ongoing project

Nursery usage and attitudes benchmark program (NY22200)

This project is benchmarking consumers’ attitudes and perceptions of the nursery category.

31 August 2022

Completed project

Nursery industry conferences (NY21001)

This project sponsored the 2022 International Plant Propagators’ Society (IPPS) conference.

1 August 2022

Completed project Final Research Report

Field-based testing for fall armyworm (MT19014)

This short investment conducted research to foster national collaboration in monitoring the movement of fall armyworm

1 June 2022

Ongoing project

Australian Horticulture Statistics Handbook 2021-22 to 2023-24 (MT21006)

This whole-of-horticulture investment is responsible for producing Hort Innovation’s annual Australian Horticulture Statistics Handbook

11 May 2022

Completed project Final Research Report

Masterclass in Horticultural Business (LP15001)

The Masterclass in Horticultural Business course, developed under Hort Frontiers, fostered new innovators and leaders for the Australian horticulture industry. Industry levies contribute to scholarship opportunities.

11 May 2022