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R&D projects

Discover macadamia levy investments into Macadamia Fund R&D initiatives

The macadamia levy has been invested into following Hort Innovation Macadamia Fund R&D initiatives, together with Australian Government contributions.

Discover the projects that you want to see by refining the list by ongoing, completed, and historical R&D projects as well as projects by R&D portfolio type. You can also filter the projects by areas of extension and communications, international trade, and data and insights.

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Ongoing project

Masterclass in macadamia management (MC23001)

This investment delivers a practical, industry-focussed training program for macadamia management skills.

4 July 2024

Ongoing project

Macadamia industry crisis and risk management (MC23002)

This project will deliver a risk and crisis management plan for the Australian macadamia industry to prevent potential issues from escalating into crises.

10 April 2024

Ongoing project

Consumer usage and attitude tracking 2023/24 (MT23201)

This investment provides a category tracking service to allow various horticultural categories to better understand consumer usage and attitudes and the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

21 February 2024

Ongoing project

Spatially enabling tree crop production practice (AS23000)

This investment seeks to geographically identify and map fundamental industry information such as variety, planting date, management, and productivity of tree orchards.

9 November 2023

Ongoing project

Strategic Agrichemical Review Process (SARP) 2023 updates (MT23001)

This project delivers the 2023 Strategic Agrichemical Review Process (SARP) for each of the following industries: almond, avocado, banana, berry, lychee, macadamia, melon, olive, onion, papaya, passionfruit, pineapple and summerfruit.

7 November 2023

Completed project Final Research Report

Benchmarking the macadamia industry 2019-2021 (MC18002)

This investment supplied on-farm benchmarking information to the macadamia industry.

13 December 2022

Ongoing project

Improving fruit and banana spotting bug control (MT21017)

This project is developing tools (such as traps and lures) to help avocado and macadamia growers manage fruit and banana spotting bugs.

6 December 2022

Ongoing project

Generation of data for pesticide permit applications in horticulture 2022 (ST22001, ST22003 and ST22004)

These multi-industry projects are generating the data needed to support a range of existing minor use permits across various horticulture crops to ensure growers have continued access to safe and effective chemicals for managing pests, weeds, and diseases.

29 November 2022

Ongoing project

Macadamia crop forecasting 2023-2025 (MC22001)

This investment is responsible for producing climate-adjusted crop forecasts for the macadamia industry each year from 2023 to 2025, along with longer-term forecasts out to 10 years for expected production amounts.

29 November 2022