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The Hort Innovation Strategy 2019-2023

The strong new way forward is here


Launched on 1 July 2019, the Hort Innovation Strategy 2019-2023 represents an exciting new chapter for the company, and for Australia’s horticulture sector as a whole.

It lays out the organisation’s focus, goals and key activities for the next four years, all of which are closely aligned to the industry’s needs, now and into the future.

The strategy was developed with vital input from growers and other horticulture participants – which we sought through consultation workshops in 20 locations across regional Australia, and via an online feedback mechanism. All up, more than 350 participants contributed to the thinking behind the strategy.


View the Hort Innovation Strategy 2019-2023

Updated on 16 August 2019

What the Hort Innovation Strategy 2019-2023 means for you

The strategy is the new guiding document for Hort Innovation as your grower-owned research and development corporation. Putting it into action will allow Hort Innovation to continue to strive to help growers and the wider horticulture industry in harnessing opportunities and growing strengths, while planning for and tackling potential hurdles in the way.

The Hort Innovation Strategy 2019-2023 lays out new key guiding statements for Hort Innovation as your RDC:

Our purpose

Hort Innovation exists to drive a prosperous and healthy Australia, by providing the best knowledge and solutions to create a world-class horticulture sector.

What we do

Hort Innovation connects growers and consumers to drive demand, and we invest in solutions to improve productivity. These combine to increase the sustainability and prosperity of Australia’s horticulture industries.

Our goals

Hort Innovation is committed to sustainable growth in horticulture, with the overarching aim of increasing the sector’s value to $20 billion by 2030. We will do this by…

  • Supporting growth in demand, both domestically and globally
  • Supporting profitable and collaborative industries
  • Delivering world-class innovation, knowledge and networks.


Our areas of focus

The Hort Innovation Strategy 2019-2023 is defined by three strategic pillars:

1. Drive knowledge and innovation into horticulture industries

This will see Hort Innovation delivering communication and extension that truly impacts on business decisions and enhances practices on farm.

2. Deliver the highest value R&D, marketing and trade investments across industries, now and into the future

In particular, this will involve more investments that address all-of-horticulture opportunities and challenges.

3. Enable activities that drive all strategic imperatives

This will see Hort Innovation deliver the talent, culture, processes and systems needed to increase value for levy-paying growers.


You asked, now we’ll deliver…

Under each strategic pillar, the Hort Innovation Strategy 2019-2023 lays out key initiatives and activities. View the strategy document for the full details, but see below for just some of the things we think you’ll be excited about.

A new focus on extension and adoption

You told us: You want Hort Innovation to have more direct engagement with growers, to hold and share knowledge better, and to come into the regions more.

Under the new strategy: One big and important change will be the development of a new Hort Innovation Extension & Adoption function and framework. This and other initiatives will be focused on getting practical investment outcomes, resources and knowledge directly to you.

A sustainability framework for horticulture

You told us: You want more information and a better approach to solving issues relating to sustainability – including water, energy and labour.

Under the new strategy: Hort Innovation will be building a sustainability framework for Australian horticulture, to help the sector proactively manage emerging issues now and in the future. This will include setting benchmarks to show progress over time.

Work around markets and consumers

You told us: You want to better understand and influence consumers, and expand and strengthen presence in markets.

Under the new strategy: Hort Innovation will sharpen the focus on consumer insights and the understanding of markets, both domestically and internationally. To help you boost productivity and quality to act on these insights, we will drive innovation to support you in changing and adapting practices, and deliver high-value marketing investments.

A change in approach: more collaborative, across-horticulture investments

You told us: Australian horticulture industries have common issues. You said you want to harness the benefits of working together and learning from each other, to solve bigger problems.

Under the new strategy: Hort Innovation will work to deliver more multi-industry collaboration in RD&E, marketing and trade – supporting more effective and efficient outcomes for growers and the wider horticulture sector. This includes driving investment through the Hort Frontiers strategic partnership initiative. Importantly, while this approach acknowledges there is a lot of value in solving issues across industries, it doesn’t reduce the importance of issues for single industries.