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Hort InnovationThe companyCorporate governance Hort Innovation's new Strategic Plan

Hort Innovation's new Strategic Plan

Stakeholder consultation

Hort Innovation is in the process of developing a new Strategic Plan, which will be launched in mid-2019, replacing our current one.

In developing the plan, we want to give growers and members the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas on how Hort Innovation invests levies on behalf of the sector.

This consultation is separate to that undertaken for the individual levy fund Strategy Investment Plans (SIPs) that were created during the last two years, and for the SIPs that will be developed in the future.

Your ideas

The ideas we are seeking from you have been structured around four key questions:

  • What are the most important priorities for Hort Innovation?
  • What are the top goals for Hort Innovation?
  • What are Hort Innovation's strengths?
  • What are Hort Innovation's obstacles?

Please be encouraged to attend a workshop in your region – or if you can't make it in person – share your ideas via the Online Form below. 

Your levy, your say, in your region

Share your ideas at a strategy consultation workshop

Help shape the future of how we work to invest Australian horticulture levies at one of the strategy consultation workshops.

Taking place early this year, levy payers and interested stakeholders will have the opportunity to learn more about how Hort Innovation currently works to invest levy funds, and to freely discuss any views and ideas on how we can do this better in the future to meet the needs and priorities of the sector. The outcomes of these workshops will be integrated into the development of the new company Strategic Plan, to be released mid-2019.

Find a workshop in your area and register




Orange, NSW 29 January COMPLETED
Griffith, NSW 4 February COMPLETED
Western Sydney, NSW 6 February COMPLETED
Coffs Harbour, NSW 7 February COMPLETED
Lismore, NSW 8 February COMPLETED
Grove, TAS 14 February POSTPONED
Ulverstone, TAS 15 February COMPLETED
Bunbury, WA 18 February COMPLETED
Gingin, WA 19 February COMPLETED
Lindenow, VIC 5 March POSTPONED
Werribee, VIC 6 March COMPLETED
Shepparton, VIC 7 March COMPLETED
Gatton, QLD 11 March COMPLETED
Bundaberg, QLD 13 March COMPLETED
Darwin, NT 18 March Register for this workshop
South Johnstone, QLD 20 March CANCELLED
Mareeba, QLD 21 March Register for this workshop
Bowen, QLD 22 March Register for this workshop
Mildura, VIC 25 March Register for this workshop
Loxton, SA 26 March Register for this workshop
Adelaide Hills, SA 27 March Register for this workshop
Sunshine Coast, QLD 2 April Register for this workshop
Grove, TAS 4 April Register for this workshop


Share your ideas at this online portal

You can also share your ideas by using the form below.

There are no restrictions on the number of submissions you make. Feel welcome to revisit this website and submit the form again if you would like to add more of your thoughts or ideas.

Corporate strategy thoughts and ideas form

Your details

Your industry

What levy funds are you involved in

What are the most important priorities for Hort Innovation?

What is the one thing we must do?

Feedback from other stakeholders:

  • Communicating and working with industry; facilitate knowledge; get feedback from the ground; communicate everything and widely; understand the industries; capture the differences
  • Deliver efficiencies/ROI/value; faster investment process; coordination of expertise; cost control; outcomes not process; reduce duplication; stabilise/retain staff
  • Implement the SIPs; actively find investments that support the SIP; balance the portfolio.
(Maximum characters: 1000)
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What are the top goals for Hort Innovation?

What will we achieve when we finish? What does the end look like?

Feedback from other stakeholders:

  • Optimise how we work and operate; confidence in the investment processes; partnerships with IRBs; build integrity and trust
  • Increase demand/profit; grow existing markets and create new ones; use more of what we grow – reduce waste; improve productivity
  • Increase innovation/capacity; embrace technology; support emerging industries; insights into future trends; look for blue sky opportunities
  • Drive extension/education; better extension of existing knowledge (here and overseas); enhance ag education; facilitate connection with the whole industry.
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What are Hort Innovation’s strengths?

What are we good at? What should we keep doing?

Feedback from other stakeholders:

  • Critical link to government and co-investment; respect of government at all levels; agency that represents horticulture at a diplomatic level; conduit for funding; legislative backing; secure funding sources; government and co-investment funding; multiple revenue streams
  • Valuable programs and skills; corporate/industry knowledge hub; Taste Australia and trade unit; technical abilities and project management; management of chemical process
  • Combining Hort for benefit; a collective desire to be better; grouping horticulture commodities activities; bringing horticulture together under one banner (Taste Australia) and R&D; Hort Frontiers funds; reducing duplication across industries; scale of Hort Innovation
  • Managing unique horticulture environment; geographically diverse locations; industry representation on Hort Innovation Board; rapidly growing industry; consumers want horticulture products (inherently good).
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What are Hort Innovation’s obstacles?

What are the things we need to remove to be successful?

Feedback from other stakeholders:

  • Better communication/engagement; delivery of communications; levy payers don’t understand statutory role of Hort Innovation; growers are too busy and have limited capacity; too many organisations trying to be involved; Hort Innovation doesn’t know all of the growers; too many advocacy groups competing and not cooperating; education – need more bang for the buck
  • Easier funding and process; quick and nimble approach to small exploratory projects; growers need to help pay for their own future; fragmentation of industry but many goals in common; need to partner with local businesses; over processing is stifling research and innovation; one size fits all wont work for different industries.
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