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Media Release

Horticulture's consumer data revolution unveiled

Publication date: 3 June 2024

In a hallmark move, Hort Innovation is opening access to the latest, most comprehensive Australian fruit, vegetable and nut consumer data available through a new platform - Hort IQ.

Through Hort IQ, growers will be able to gain a comprehensive understanding of market dynamics, purchasing trends, and consumer perceptions across fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

Hort Innovation chief executive officer Brett Fifield said the launch of Hort IQ heralds a new era for the horticulture industry, unlocking the next level of consumer understanding through access to data and insights.

“Understanding how consumers act, think and feel about horticultural produce is an essential step in accelerating local and global demand for Australian horticultural produce,” Mr Fifield said.

“The launch of this easy-to-use, self-serve platform provides Australian growers with an unprecedented ability to observe consumer trends, equipping them with the insights needed to help grow their businesses.”

Australian Macadamias marketing manager Jacqui Price said Hort IQ will give growers the consumer data and insights they need to help stay profitable.

“Access to in-depth insights on consumers helps growers to make smarter decisions. By understanding consumer preferences and buying trends, we can better meet their needs and deliver fresh, high-quality produce that resonates with what people are looking for at the grocery store.” Ms Price said.

Underpinning the platform is a portfolio of data projects that track what Australians think, feel, and do in relation to fresh produce through research partnerships with Fiftyfive5 and Nielsen IQ.

Fiftyfive5 director Cori Hodge said the platform is rich with valuable and actionable insights for the sector.

“Over 10,000 consumers have been surveyed since the start of our research, and the insights allow us to answer important questions for the horticulture sector,” Mr Hodge said.

“How does consumer behaviour change over time? How do these changing expectations inform future demand for horticulture produce? What perceptions of horticultural produce drive purchase behaviour? What are the barriers and opportunities for future growth?”

Access to Hort IQ is available to eligible people engaged in growing, marketing, selling and development of Australian horticulture. Check your eligibility by registering at  

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