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“Veggycation” relaunch teaches us how to love vegetables

Publication date: 8 April 2019

EATING THE right amount of vegetables each day will not only support your overall health and wellbeing, it can also help improve your vision, speed up your metabolism and keep your mind active.

The nutrition, origins, health benefits and even cooking and storage tips for more than 80 vegetables have been showcased through the newly relaunched Veggycation website, an online educational tool designed for growers and educators.

Funded by Hort Innovation on behalf of the vegetable industry, the website includes information around health claims already approved by Food Standards Australia and New Zealand, postharvest storage advice and handling, and waste reduction techniques.

Accredited dietitian and nutritionist Jemma O’Hanlon said education was the key to greater vegetable consumption, which in turn would boost retail spending to support local growers.

“Less than five per cent of Australians currently meet the recommended daily intake of vegetables,” she said.

“According to the Australian Dietary Guidelines, the recommended average standard serving of vegetables per day is 2.5 serves for a toddler aged up to 3, and around 5.5 servings per day for adults and children aged 12 and up.

“Obesity in Australia is pandemic affecting people of all ages, all cultural backgrounds and across all socioeconomic statuses, and this won’t change until we, as a nation, become more informed about the decisions we make regarding the food we eat.

“The Veggycation resource is a highly educational and easy to use interactive tool that gives educators and health professionals, accurate and detailed information about the health benefits of vegetables to encourage increased consumption.”

Ms O’Hanlon said the approved health claims featured on the website also supported growers by providing them with information to help grow awareness about the nutritional value in the produce they grow.

“This website is a fantastic tool that arms growers and the wider industry with information to educate and grow awareness around the benefits that incorporating more vegetables into their diets can provide, which will hopefully lead to improved health outcomes across the board.”

To access the Veggycation online tool please visit:

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