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Peel good, feel good!

Publication date: 18 September 2018

Bananas! They are nature’s palm sized gift that just keeps on giving.

Now, a new Hort Innovation marketing campaign is showing consumers just how bananas are helping Australians to live their best life.

Due to launch nationally across all major media platforms this weekend, the new Australian Bananas campaign focuses on healthy living, and the benefits of the naturally grown energy snack.

The new marketing drive is an extension of the 24-year-old “Make your body sing” campaign, boasting a fresh take on the classic ‘Ba-na-na-na’ music track, along with a new tag line; “Peel Good. Feel Good!”.

Hort Innovation Marketing Lead Elisa King said the iconic jingle resonated with generations of Australians, and this new evolution of the campaign was designed to build on the strength of the existing brand.

“The campaign, which will run for the next three years, aims to position bananas as a fresh and natural alternative to the fast-growing category of processed energy bars and protein balls that have flooded the consumer market,” she said.

“Australian bananas are famous around the world. They are an accessible, affordable and healthy way for Australians to get the most out of every day, without added sugar, artificial colours or preservatives.”

Dietitian and Nutritionist, Jemma O’Hanlon, said bananas were rich in potassium and dietary fibre, and paired with slow releasing carbohydrates, helped to provide a balanced and sustainable source of fuel to keep blood sugar levels in check.

“Researchers have found that potassium has not only been linked to supporting healthy muscle function but also supporting healthy blood pressure,” she said.

“Bananas contain tryptophan – an amino acid that the body converts into serotonin which helps to regulate mood and increases feelings of happiness and wellbeing.

“And, if that wasn’t enough, the super fruit contains 13 per cent (%) of the daily intake of vitamin B6 which helps to maintain energy levels, they are a natural immune booster, and each banana contains five (5) essential vitamins and minerals. It’s the perfect 3pm pick-up!”

The Peel Good Feel Good campaign was funded by Hort Innovation using the banana industry marketing levy.

Hort Innovation is a not-for-profit, grower-owned company that delivers more than $100 million in research, development and marketing activities on behalf of Australian horticulture each year.

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