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Hort Innovation News and events Media Releases Hort Innovation launches fruit, veg and nuts campaign to support Australian growers
Media Release

Hort Innovation launches fruit, veg and nuts campaign to support Australian growers

Publication date: 29 May 2020

In Australia, growers have faced numerous challenges including drought, floods and bushfires. COVID-19 has thrown challenges to the nation impacting mental wellbeing and mood through isolation. It has affected Australian growers with immediate changes to the export market and food service closures, as well as consumer behaviour in consumption and purchasing.

To support growers, Hort Innovation is launching a campaign called The Good Mood Food Campaign. The aim is to motivate Australian consumers to eat more fruit, veg and nuts. The campaign is designed to evolve and grow including the ability to introduce produce due to seasonality and occasionality. Launching the major components of the campaign on Sunday, with the introduction of a new TV ad supported by advertising, public relations, increased social media and a range of partnerships that will see the campaign reach up to 98% of Australians.

Consumer behavioural data available through the Hort Innovation levy funded Harvest to Home initiative highlighted that overall fresh produce volumes were up 5% compared to March last year. However, performance at the category level has been mixed with consumers responding to competing influences concerning price, perishability, and discretion. Growth in fresh produce sales have been widely outpaced by frozen and canned products of which a greater share is imported.  

Only 5.4% of the Australian adult population are meeting their fruit and vegetable requirements.

Australians will be educated and inspired on how Aussie produce can promote good mood alongside overall health and wellbeing. Importantly, they will also be driven to purchase and re-purchase a variety of produce.

The campaign is encouraging people to look after themselves mentally to boost their mood as well as promote good physical health.

Hort Innovation CEO Matt Brand said, “The campaign grew out of the need to support growers across Australia and stimulate demand for fruit, vegetables, and nuts as we go through and beyond COVID-19.

It’s extremely important that we promote the importance of eating fresh Australian produce to all Australians which in turn supports growers.

The campaign is developed so it can be extended and focus on seasonality or moments where Australians will be looking for increased health and wellbeing or eating options.

We want to support growers with what they are facing now, and with whatever happens next. This campaign provides the flexible platform to do that.

The design of this campaign provides opportunities for other, individual industries to benefit from using its content to amplify their own unique consumer positioning.”

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