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Asian retailers send love to Aussie growers amid bush fire crisis

Publication date: 28 January 2020

Caption: Retail trade partners across Asia send love and support to Aussie growers during bushfire season.

RETAIL PARTNERS across Asia have teamed up to show support for Australian growers battling against drought and bushfire.

Embracing the Hort Innovation international signature brand, Taste Australia, supporters from Malaysia and Thailand have gone the extra mile during recent season launches to support and promote premium Aussie produce in their retail markets.

Hort Innovation International Market Development Manager, Julie Willis, said the international community, particularly Australia’s closest neighbours in Asia, had not been discouraged by the current season of extreme weather from importing and endorsing Australian produce to their consumers.

“Through the Taste Australia brand, our growers have built a solid reputation for producing high-quality premium, clean and safe produce that meets and surpasses health, hygiene and quality standards time and time again,” she said.

“Our Asian retail partners are standing by us, demonstrating their commitment to our Taste Australia program, further building and strengthening our trade ties.”

Malaysian retailer AEON reached out to growers during their recent events to send love and messages of support and comradery.

AEON Senior Manager Perishable and Diary, Irene Khor Kim Ean, said the retailer was proud to support Australian growers in this difficult time and hoped for a quick resolution.

“Australia has a good reputation for supplying quality premium products and our customers love them,” she said.

“A large portion of our produce originates from Australia and we are committed to growing our range to include more Australian produce in future. We look forward to working with Australia and Taste Australia to continue to develop our strong business and ‘fruitful’ partnership.”

Thailand’s Produce Category Manager, Lapa Leelarpeerapa, for leading British retailer Tesco said her company would continue to support Australian growers through the import of fruit and vegetables and praised the Taste Australia initiative which she said fostered true collaboration.

“Australian produce is known to be good quality and with a good taste,” she said.

“We will continue to do in-store sampling with strong promotion. All our customer’s that have tried Australian produce love it. And we look forward to continuing our collaboration.”


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