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Growers SIP refresh

Refreshing the Strategic Investment Plans

Hort Innovation is refreshing the roadmaps that will guide each industry’s strategic levy investment over the next five years


Strategic Investment Plans

The refreshed Strategic Investment Plans (SIPs) 2022-2026 will provide the roadmaps to guide Hort Innovation’s investment of levies and Australian Government contributions, ensuring investment decisions are aligned with industry priorities. The SIP lays the foundation for decision making in levy investments and represents the balanced interest of the particular industry from which the levy is collected. The most important function of the SIP is to make sure that levy investment decisions align with industry priorities.

Refreshing the current Strategic Investment Plans

The current Strategic Investment Plans span from 2017 to 2021 and have guided investment decisions for each levy-paying industry over that period.

Hort Innovation is currently engaging with growers and industry stakeholders to develop a refreshed SIP for each levy-paying industry within the horticulture sector. Following this engagement period, the draft SIPs will be made available on this website page for broad industry feedback and validation.

Each refreshed industry-specific SIP will lay the foundation for decision making in levy investments, representing a balanced view of stakeholders from within the industry, helping Hort Innovation prioritise and implement relevant R&D, marketing and export needs over the next five years.

The finalised SIPs will be available on the Hort Innovation website from July 2021.

The current SIPs (2017-2021) can be viewed here. If you would like to discuss your industry in relation to the renewed SIPs, click here to find the contact details of your allocated Industry Strategic Partner.

Annual Investment Plans

Whilst each industry’s refreshed SIP will provide the strategic oversight of investment over the next five years, its Annual Investment Plan (AIP) will detail how levy funds will be invested over a 12-month period.

The AIPs for 2021/22 are currently being developed by Hort Innovation. The development is being informed by the SIP and industry consultation, and then discussed with each industry’s Strategic Investment Advisory Panel for feedback and prioritisation.

You can view the current AIPs here.

Accessing opportunities for co-investment and bigger-picture research

As part of the refresh of the SIPs, Hort Innovation aims to capture high-level opportunities and access to world-class research, specialised project management teams and large-scale R&D that may be possible by partnering with Hort Innovation’s Hort Frontiers strategic partnership initiative.

Innovation is key to the future success of Australian horticulture. The next evolution of the long-range, higher risk and transformational R&D that has the potential to make a significant impact is possible through Hort Frontiers.

You can read more about Hort Frontiers here.

The Strategic Investment Plan refresh process

  • Draft SIPs will be published on the Hort Innovation website as they become available. Stakeholders will be notified by email and other communications channels
  • Feedback will be sought via a feedback mechanism that will be available on the Hort Innovation website
  • The feedback will be taken into consideration and necessary changes will be incorporated into the draft SIPs
  • Final SIPs will be published on the Hort Innovation website. Stakeholders will be notified by email and other communications channels