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Ongoing project

Onion nutrition education program for health professionals and the food service industry (VN20002)

Key research provider: Bite Communications

What’s it all about?

This investment is delivering evidence-based information about the health benefits of Australian onions to health and food service professionals in Australia.

On average, Australian adults consume just three grams of onion per day. In contrast, consumers in the United States and Europe consume twice as many onions as Australians. In order to close this gap, initiatives to educate health professionals and the food service industry are key as they are significant influencers of consumer food behaviour.

This project will extend previous research conducted by levy-funded project Australian onions nutrition literature review (VN18002) and the Onions food service farm tour and education pilot (VN18000) by communicating the nutritional benefits of onions to health professionals, food service professionals and industry stakeholders.

Project progress continues, the project team have:

Produced the Onion Health and Nutrition Report which summarises the latest research on onion nutrition and health, including usage recommendations and dishes that hero onions in ways health professionals and chefs may not normally consider

Established a digital hub to deliver the latest onion HCP nutrition research and food service assets

Commenced the establishment of a database of engaged health and food service professionals for an ongoing program of communication

Created a range of information resources which are now available for download from the digital hub, including:

  • Onions for Weight Loss patient resource
  • Healthy 7-Day Meal Plan, incorporating onions
  • Onions for Culinary Service resource for food service professionals

Planning is currently underway on a series of events to engage target audiences, including Farm Tours, Conferences and Workshops, designed to deepen connection with these priority audiences.

Related levy funds

This project is a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Onion Fund.