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Ongoing project

Melon industry study tours (VM23000)

Key research provider: Melons Australia

What is it all about?

This project enhances the Australian melon industry by connecting local producers and stakeholders with global innovators through a series of study tours. The initiative will involve travel to international and domestic conferences and facilities, allowing Australian melon growers, researchers, wholesalers, retailers, and advisors to observe and learn firsthand about the latest advancements in seed technology, harvesting, processing, and packaging.

The melon industry faces the challenge of adapting and evolving to maintain its competitiveness. This project aims to bring fresh perspectives and innovations back to Australia by engaging with global leaders in various technological fields early on. The plan includes up to three study tours, with potential destinations in the United States, Spain, Italy, broader Europe depending on costs, and South East Asia, which is a significant export market and holds promising new market opportunities for Australian melons.

The project may adapt to include visits to other significant global developments that emerge during its course. Each tour will be crafted to provide diverse learning and development experiences, such as exploring international retail environments, engaging with potential international customers, and examining innovative supply chain and packaging solutions.

The project's expected outcome is for over 30 participants to gain valuable knowledge and foster international relationships across the three study tours, targeting seven growers per tour (a total of 21 – over 15 per cent of Australia’s melon growers). This participation supports individual growers and enhances the broader industry's involvement in the Leadership and Development program led by Melons Australia.

Related levy funds

This project is a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Melon Fund