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Ongoing project

Melon industry roadshow and conference program (VM21000)

Key research provider: Melons Australia

What's it all about?

This project supports a five-year roadshow and conference program for the Australian melon industry. The event series will engage with melon growers and supply chain stakeholders across different melon growing regions and provide an opportunity to hear about the latest research and industry developments and network with industry.

Details about the events will be circulated to industry by Melons Australia.

The first phase of the melon roadshow series has been very successful with more than 170 attendees, including more than 55 growers, in attendance. Roadshows have been held in the ten major growing regions including, Ayr (Qld), Tully (Qld), Kununurra (WA), Katherine (NT), Waroona (WA), Carnarvon (WA), Chinchilla (Qld), Bundaberg (Qld), Mildura (Vic) and Griffith (NSW).

Updates have been provided on key Hort Innovation Melon Fund projects, as well as other research underway, to growers representing more than 65 per cent of Australian melon production.

With the first ten roadshows successfully delivered, focus now shifts to organising the second series of roadshow which will begin in the later part of 2023/early 2024.

The final months of 2022 saw a successful start to the roadshows. The first four roadshows (Ayr, Tully, Kununurra and Katherine) have seen over 80 people in attendance in total, and Melons Australia have presented up to date research findings to well over 10 per cent of Australia’s growers.

With four roadshows successfully delivered, the project team’s focus now shifts to securing the delivery of the postponed Perth and Carnarvon roadshows and the remaining growing regions, including Sunraysia region (Mildura), Griffith, Cowra, Chinchilla and Bundaberg in early 2023.

Presentations at these roadshows gave the industry an update on work, R&D and progress in the following fields: biosecurity, food safety, melon quality improvement and consumer insights, industry communications, and trade/export.

Related levy funds

This project is a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Melon Fund