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Ongoing project

Melon industry development and communication (VM17001)

Key research provider: Dianne Fullelove

What’s it all about?

Beginning in late 2017, this investment is tasked with supporting Australian melon growers in adopting improved practices on-farm and keeping up-to-date with the latest industry news, information, resources and technologies. To this end, it funds the position of dedicated industry development manager Dianne Fullelove, who can be reached can be reached at or on 0413 101 646.

The industry development manager role is a broad one, with all activities geared towards improving the circulation and uptake of information within the industry.

Core communication channels that continue to be produced and maintained by the project include…

The project also involves face-to-face events for the industry, with the industry development manager running a program of grower technical meetings throughout each year. Meetings are advertised in industry communication channels, and related resources – including presentations from the meetings – are made available on the industry website here.

As well, the project assists in the running of industry conferences and field day, and also includes working closely with researchers and government agencies to support the sharing of information, maintain industry plans, foster collaboration between research projects and more.

The project team report progress in the following areas:

  • The project continued to have a strong focus on enhancing food safety standards in the melon industry. This included liaison with food safety authorities, health departments, wholesalers, exporters and retailers (Woolworths, ALDI, Coles) to discuss quality assurance of melons.
  • Discussions with supply chain members also took place to review, export related areas, market access activities, melon supply chains and quality issues.
  • The melon industry website is being developed, maintained and updated with industry news, events, newsletters and updated resources.
  • One Australian Melon Conference and Field Day was held over two-days in September 2018 which included a presentation and a field day with various melon varieties.
  • Visits to Asia and the Middle East took place in April and September-2019 which focused on strengthening melon industry in key export markets. To learn more about the in-market export missions, see reports on the Asia and Middle East
  • The 2019 Asia Fruit Logistica trade show was held in Hong-Kong in September and showcased Australian melon varieties through presentations, retail visits and a cooking display. See the 2019 Asia Fruit Logistica report to learn more about the event.
  • Five grower meetings were held in 2019 across WA, QLD and Victoria to provide industry leaders with general industry updates, recent biosecurity incursions (MNSV and CGMMV) and a workshop on managing biosecurity threats.
  • Industry communications through the Melon News publication were sent out which covered a range of information on industry development, conference outcomes, export reports and consumer insights. To access the editions see the Melon News archive.
  • Melon Enews articles have been developed throughout this project providing readers with a range of information specific to melon growing and broader industry issues. The Melon Enews editions can be accessed on the Melons Australia E-news page.
  • Factsheets on exotic pests and fusariam root rot have been developed, all of which can be accessed via the resources section on the Melons Australia website.

The March 2020 Melon Conference and Field Day was cancelled due to the unfolding COVID-19 crisis. In place of the conference, six field day site videos have been published to showcase the melon varieties and can be accessed here. As more content becomes available they will be placed on the Australian Melon industry website.

Various other R&D projects and concepts relating to the melon industry have been developed through collaboration with this project, all of which provide valuable insight and research into the melon industry and its development.


Access the in-market export mission reports for Asia and Middle East to get an overview of the mission objectives, operations and the export relationship.

See report on the 2019 Asia Fruit Logistica event to learn more about the activities that went on as a part of this initiative.

Access fact sheet on the solanum fruit fly (exotic pests) to learn more about this pest, the damage it can cause and actions to minimise risk and fact sheet on fusariam root rot to learn more about this biosecurity threat and how to combat the disease.

See the 2020 conference and field day site videos here. As more content becomes available they will be placed on the Australian Melon industry website.