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Ongoing project

Advanced vegetable mechanisation program to maximise labour and cost efficiency (VG23003)

Key research provider: Department of Agriculture and Fisheries Queensland

What is it all about?

This program will boost the adoption of advanced mechanisation technology in the Australian vegetable industry, reducing the industry’s high input costs and labour challenges that affect grower profitability.


The vegetable industry faces high input costs of energy, labour, chemicals and fertilisers which has a dramatic effect on grower profitability. Technology exists to address these challenges, but the process of sourcing information, engaging in discussion with manufacturers, importing and trialling machinery is time consuming and costly, which can make it prohibitive to individual growers.


The program will deliver field days, showcase events, international study tours, webinars and more for growers to engage directly with the latest equipment and manufacturers. Demonstration sites will also provide qualitative and quantitative data to highlight the potential efficiency benefits from mechanised machinery solutions, which will help growers make bolder decisions about the technology they invest in.


This program will provide the vegetable industry with unparallelled access to engage with the latest available equipment together with the information they need to make informed business decisions.

Related levy funds

This project is a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Vegetable Fund