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Completed project

On farm evaluation of vegetable seed viability using non-destructive techniques (VG16028)

Key research provider: The University of Queensland
Publication date: Wednesday, September 5, 2018

What was it all about?

Vegetable crops that are field-established from seed need seed to be high quality for maximum return on investment. To this end, this project aimed to provide the Australian vegetable industry with a range of recommendations to overcome poor seed quality and viability on farm.

Researchers interviewed growers, conducted farm visits and surveys, and undertook a comprehensive literature review, looking at available technologies that may assist in screening seed viability on-farm; how these technologies can be used within the Australian vegetable industry; and providing recommendations for new technology for real-time, on-farm grading of seed viability pre-planting.

Among the outcomes were recommendations for the development of novel technologies with the potential for real-time grading to maximise vegetable seed quality and a long-term program to optimise seed quality at the seed production and postharvest phase.


Among the outputs of this project were three industry bulletins with more information, circulated in industry channels. Read the first bulletin, summarising grower survey results and on-farm issues, here.

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Funding statement:
This project has been funded by Hort Innovation

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