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Completed project

Growing Leaders (VG15030)

Key research provider: Rural Training Initiatives
Publication date: Thursday, February 7, 2019

What was it all about?

This project was responsible for facilitating the Growing Leaders program – the only national, industry-specific leadership program for the vegetable industry – between 2016 and 2018. Over these three years the course developed the leadership capacity of three cohorts of participants from across the vegetable industry supply chain, building their personal, business and industry skills and knowledge to help transform the industry through vision, engagement, action and leadership.

In total, there were 50 participants that graduated from the program. Each course ran over six months and involved skill development workshops, mentoring, industry networking events and guest speaker/panel sessions. During each year of the program, participants were given the task of identifying a vision and mission for the vegetable industry as a group, and then presented as individuals on potential strategies that could address the task at hand. Key themes explored by the program included:

  • Creating a united and passionate vegetable industry
  • Building a connected vegetable industry with a sustainable future
  • Producing clean and green vegetables for everyone, everywhere.

All strategies presented by the participants resulted in graduates gaining a deeper understanding of leadership through the process of self-managing and leading others toward a goal, as well as providing the vegetable industry with valuable insights and research.


Watch some of the course participants’ mission presentations on the project leader’s YouTube channel.

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Funding statement:
This project was a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Vegetable Fund

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