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Ongoing project

Turf NextGen program (TU19002)

Key research provider: Turf Australia

What’s it all about?

This project is supporting the turf industry’s annual NextGen forums from 2020 to 2022. The NextGen events encourage leadership development, communicate R&D and marketing information, and enable professional networking for people aged under 40 in the Australian turf industry, with the turf levy funding enabling a substantially reduced registration cost for delegates to support widespread professional development of the next generation of Australian turf growers.

Details on how to participate will be promoted through existing communication channels maintained through the levy-funded Turf industry communications program (TU16000).

The project team have been busy with event budgeting, programming, consultation with NxGeners, promotion of the event, and execution of relevant and engaging presentations. The program was promoted to the industry through newsletters, social media, and direct contact with growers. The event was professionally managed to meet the expectations of delegate and received positive feedback from attendees.

Another achievement by the project team was the management of a complete database of attendees from 2012 to the present for NxGen events. The database was maintained by Turf Australia and was used to identify and reward delegates who attended five or more events with a certificate. Additionally, the database was used to assess the likelihood of certain individuals to participate in or communicate directly with NxGen.

After the postponing of the 2021 NxGen Event in August, new plans have been made to run the 2021 event in February 2022 with many growers excited to have the opportunity to finally come together again.

The project team decided on the NSW North Coast town, Shoal Bay for the location on the premise that it was an easily assessable area that would suit the majority of the NxGen cohort and was still in good proximity to turf farms.

A program of events and a schedule has been devised. To access more information on the event and the program see the Turf Australia event page.

Related levy funds

This project is a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Turf Fund