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Ongoing project

Table grape consumer acceptance and attitudes (TG19003)

Key research provider: Nielsen

What's it all about?

This investment is providing the table grape industry with valuable information on the behaviours and attitudes of consumers towards table grape quality. There is a focus on providing evidence around consumer acceptance levels throughout the season across different locations and retail channels.

The table grape industry has experienced significant growth over the last seven years, primarily driven by growing export demand. The quality of table grapes in the Australian market has been a key focus area for the industry, with the investment Table grape supply chain quality 2017-2021 (TG17002) providing support to growers and retailers in adopting and developing grapes of optimal eating quality right from the start of the season.

Ongoing measurement and insight into what factors are contributing to consumer acceptability levels is now required to measure the success of quality initiatives and help drive future positioning of table grapes.

The project has progressed in the following areas:

Monitoring has been conducted on consumer attitudes and acceptance levels toward table grapes via the Homescan Quality Performance Tracker survey. The survey found consumer acceptance levels remain above 80 per cent, however lower rates have been documented this season across most grape varieties when comparing to the same time last year. Additional findings suggested that consumer acceptance of black grapes remains the highest.


See the full report of the December 2021 Homescan Quality Performance Tracker

Related levy funds

This project is a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Table Grape Fund