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Ongoing project

Nutritional analysis of across horticulture commodities (ST19036)

Key research provider: Curtin University

What’s it all about?

Australia currently lacks up-to-date food composition data for many horticulture commodities, so this project is providing new composition data that reflects current growing conditions. This information will improve the ability of the horticulture sector to promote the nutritional benefits of produce and assist consumers and health professionals to identify sources of key nutrients.

The project team will develop a sampling plan in liaison with Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) for updating the Australian Food Composition Database with accurate, reliable and representative information. This includes calculating the percentage of the daily intake for nutrients and energy that will be obtained from consuming one serving of the food.

The updated data will benefit a variety of stakeholders, including:

  • Horticulture growers and other industry participants to identify, label and promote commodities as valuable sources of key nutrients.

  • Consumers to identify and select good sources of key nutrients.

  • Health professionals to recommend horticultural produce based on nutrient content and to develop appropriate public health nutrition messages.

  • Health researchers to estimate and optimise intakes of nutrients from plant food.

  • Food regulatory bodies to monitor relevant nutrients in the food supply.