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Completed project

International Potato Group Meeting China 2015 (PT14702)

Key research provider: AUSVEG
Publication date: Thursday, November 5, 2015

What was it all about?

The International Potato Group Meeting China 2015, held from 25-27 July, provided the opportunity for representatives of the Australian potato industry to meet with counterparts from around the world to discuss important issues facing the global potato industry.

The International Potato Group (IPG) is a non-competitive potato group made up of industry associations that seeks to work together to share skills, knowledge and resources.  IPG’s central focus is on potato R&D and potato marketing and promotion. The Australian potato industry has been a member of the IPG for many years.

IPG meetings provide the opportunity for Australia to hear about the challenges other countries are facing and transfer knowledge on best practices used by the potato industry internationally.

At this event, Australian, South African, New Zealand, United Kingdom and Canadian potato industries presented information. It was agreed to enhance the governance structure and communication between member countries.

Learnings from the IPG meeting and the ninth World Potato Congress enabled participants to consider international R&D and apply successful and relevant outcomes to local projects.


This project was funded through the Hort Innovation Potato - Fresh and Potato - Processing Funds