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Ongoing project

Australian potato industry communication and extension project (PT20000)

Key research provider: Applied Horticultural Research

What's it all about?

Beginning in 2021, this investment is tasked with supporting Australian potato growers in adopting improved practices on-farm and keeping up to date with the latest industry news, information, resources and technologies.

The project delivers a nationally coordinated but locally implemented program which employs regional delivery partners who provide specialist skills and knowledge to the industry. The role of the regional delivery partners is a broad one, with all activities geared towards improving the circulation and uptake of information within the industry.

As well as extension activities, the project produces key communication channels for the potato industry, including a hard copy quarterly R&D magazine, online webinars and podcasts, social media, and a dedicated website to host industry resources.

The project has continued to support the Australian potato industry by delivering content on improved on-farm practices that seek to enhance yield and quality, and reduce input costs where feasible. As the COVID-19 situation improved during the reporting period, so too has the appropriateness of holding face-to-face events. The project has since delivered seven in-person workshops, which were met with growing interest by industry members. Each event attracted 15-20 attendees including growers, advisors, suppliers, researchers, and processors.

There have been five webinars delivered during the reporting period, with between 45-100 people registering and 20-60 people attending the webinars. This is consistent with previous online events. The webinar recordings, uploaded to the PotatoLink website each received between 85-190 views, a considerable increase since the last reporting period. Feedback from attendees of the webinars has been overwhelmingly positive. One factsheet has been published, with several more nearing completion.

The project has kept the Australian potato industry up to date with the latest industry news, resources, and technologies, through monthly bulletins and the release of the Autumn issue of the PotatoLink magazine. The mailing list for distribution of the monthly bulletin and other event communications grew by 24.5 per cent to 910 subscribers during the reporting period. Hard copies of the PotatoLink magazine in combination with Potatoes Australia magazine were circulated to 2,700 industry members. The PotatoLink social media forums have also grown significantly over the reporting period, which has increased awareness of the project and generated industry engagement.

This project continues to extend its reach to the Australian potato industry. While COVID-19 has slowed progress, events and interactions with project material have increased steadily. A mailing list consisting of 731 members has been established to communicate events, website updates and new publications. The project team has also reached out to various grower groups and processors, who have agreed to forward communications to their members. Traffic to the PotatoLink website has increased steadily since its creation. Around 400-1,000 people visit the site every month. As of late November 2021, over 3,000 visits have been logged, with over 2,000 of those coming from unique users.

Eight webinars have been produced during the reporting period, with positive feedback from industry members who have attended. An additional seven webinars and podcasts have been scheduled for the next reporting period. Attendance at webinars and workshops has been rising with around 50-90 registering and 30-50 attending each event. Recordings of these webinars and workshops have been made available on the PotatoLink website and AHR YouTube page and are averaging around 50 -120 views per video.

The magazines released by the project have been very well received by the industry. A spring edition, released in September, has been accessed over 100 times digitally on the PotatoLink website as well as delivered as a hard copy with Potatoes Australia magazine to potato industry members with a circulation of 2,700 per issue. The summer edition has now been printed with delivery by the end of December 2021. Partnering with AUSVEG and the Potatoes Australia publication has ensured this high initial circulation, which is growing. Advertising interest in the magazine has increased significantly, providing mutual benefits to both parties.

Three factsheets have been published with two more at an advanced stage ready for graphic design. The factsheets have each been accessed by 180 people and will link in with the ongoing disease webinar series as well as other project activities.

Extension workplans to conduct trials on seed dormancy and canopy recovery have been developed for five demonstration sites.

A new website (PotatoLink) has been developed and hosts a range of information and resources including, 37 research reports and articles on pest and diseases and irrigation management. The website also includes an archive of 16 Potato Australia magazines that were produced from 1990-2005, 26 volumes of Eyes on Potatoes produced from 1997 to 2005, and 37 editions of the Potatoes Australia magazine published from 2013 to 2019.

A new magazine has been developed called ‘PotatoLink’ serving as a new extension and communication outlet for the Australian potato industry. Access the first edition published in June 2021.


Access past editions of the Potatoes Australia magazine.


This project is a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Potato - Fresh and Potato - Processing Funds