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Ongoing project

National papaya breeding and evaluation program (PP18000)

Key research provider: Griffith University

What’s it all about?

New red and yellow papaya varieties are continuing to be bred and evaluated under this program, which follows on from the investment New genetic targets to improve quality in papaya (PP15000). The research team is focused on delivering new elite, genetically stable cultivars that meet the needs of growers and the preferences of consumers, and that are adapted to key growing areas in northern Queensland, including the Tableland and coastal regions. The ultimate goal is to expand the marketability and profitability of the Australian papaya industry.

Following the investment Technical review of the national papaya breeding and evaluation program (PP18002), new recommendations have been incorporated into PP18000. This has seen sensory work added as a new component, which involves using professional taste panels and flavour mapping in collaboration with the University of Queensland, to support the development of premium varieties and drive consumer acceptability and preference for Australian papaya.

There review also recommended work to access more international germplasms to broaden genetic diversity, especially in red-fleshed varieties.

Related levy funds

This project is a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Papaya Fund