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Completed project

Papaya consumer research (PP17001)

Key research provider: Fifty Five 5
Publication date: Monday, December 17, 2018

What was it all about? 

This investment was tasked with undertaking consumer research to better understand papaya consumption in Australia. It undertook quantitative surveys and analysis to identify Australia’s key papaya consumers and why, how and how often they eat the fruit, while also looking at barriers to purchase or increasing consumption, and identifying ways these barriers can be overcome.

Some top-level results included…

  • There is opportunity for growth, with one quarter of Australian households having purchased papaya in the last year
  • Those that do purchase papaya have positive perceptions (they report loving the taste, texture, flavour), however those that don’t consume papaya have limited perceptions about the fruit
  • Awareness is key to driving growth, as lack of knowledge and limited top-of-mind awareness are core barriers for current non-purchasers.

The results of this research have been fed into the industry’s levy-funded marketing activity.

While COVID-19 caused disruptions to the planned delivery of research and communications programs, the team continue to make progress in establishing trial sites, collecting annual production data, and keeping growers updated through newsletters and the industry website, Australian Pineapples.

Since the team’s December 2019 update, the following outcomes have been progressed:

Pineapple production data

The mid-year update of pineapple production data and the 2019/2020 crop forecast were completed. Data was collected from 95 per cent of growers, representing about 98 per cent of the national crop. A summary of data by region will be reported to industry in due course.

Sites for new pesticide and fallow demonstration trials secured

Seventeen demonstration trial sites have been established, covering each of the five research topics:

  • Site selection and drainage
  • Ground preparation, fallow management, and bed formation
  • Pre- and post-plant nutrition management
  • Integrated pest and disease management
  • Management of erosion and sedimentation.

Study group meetings/webinars

Two study group meetings were held in North and South East Queensland. A successful industry group webinar was hosted as an alternative way to maintain industry engagement during the COVID-19 travel restrictions period.

Pineapple industry website

The grower section of the pineapple industry website continues to be updated with information about the project, including each of the 17 demonstration trials.


Stay up to date by registering or logging into the industry section of the Australian Pineapples website, where information and materials will be shared regularly.

Related levy funds

This project was a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Papaya Fund