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Ongoing project

Pineapple integrated crop protection program (PI17001)

Key research provider: The Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries in collaboration with others

What’s it all about?

Contracted at the end of 2018, this investment will bring information on integrated crop protection to Australian pineapple growers, to help the industry achieve higher yields and produce high-quality fruit with lower production costs and a reduction in the use of pesticides. It will also facilitate information exchange with and between growers, pineapple industry advisers, chemical company representatives and the broader supply chain.

Activities are set to include integrated crop protection workshops; updating of the industry’s best practice manual; production of materials including videos and fact sheets; the use of on-farm demonstration sites; and research into pineapple plant nutrition and pest and disease management.

The project will also deliver the quarterly industry Pineapple Press e-newsletter, a website and annual industry field days.

The project team have made progress in the following areas.

Trial sites

Seventeen demonstration trial sites have been secured and established, covering each of the five research topics namely:

  • Site selection and drainage
  • Ground preparation, fallow management, and bed formation
  • Pre- and post-plant nutrition management
  • Integrated pest and disease management
  • Management of erosion and sedimentation.

Of these seventeen, one trial to screen some potential new weedicides has been completed. Outcomes from the trial indicated one of the new herbicides proved effective at the highest rate as a pre-plant treatment, however it was found to be phytotoxic when applied as a post-plant spray three months after planting and was not effective as a post emergence herbicide.  The new chemistry is a suitable alternative for Hyvar as a pre-plant application. This information will be passed on to the relevant entities for further investigation.

Industry education

Three grower workshops were well attended, held in North Queensland, Central Queensland and Wide Bay regions.

An educational video on how to minimise bruising through correct fruit handling during harvest operation has been produced and will be finalised shortly. Once released it will be uploaded to the Queensland Agriculture YouTube channel and the link sent to all growers and made available via the Australian Pineapples website.

Industry communications

Two copies of the ‘Pineapple Press’ newsletter were produced and distributed by Growcom to industry in August and November 2019, including updates on this project.

The Pineapple Industry Field Day was held in July 2019, and an updated estimate of pineapple production for the 2019 calendar year was completed.

The 2020 Pineapple Industry Field Day was officially cancelled due to COVID-19. Planning has commenced for the event to take place next year in the Bundaberg region on 8-9 July 2021.


You can stay up to date via registering or logging into the industry section of the Australian Pineapples website, where information and materials will be shared regularly. Alternatively, you can read the industry’s Pineapple Press newsletter to learn more:

Related levy funds

This project is a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Pineapple Fund.