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Ongoing project

National pineapple breeding and evaluation program (PI17000)

Key research provider: The Queensland Department of Agriculture and Fisheries

What’s it all about?

Contracted in August 2018, this investment is working towards the release of new pineapple varieties suited to Australia’s key pineapple growing regions. There is a focus on developing and evaluating high-yielding varieties with improved disease resistance and flowering control, as well improved fruit consistency and quality, to meet the needs of both growers and consumers.

The program is looking at the industry’s main commercial varieties and advanced varieties developed through previous breeding work, while implementing a novel approach to pineapple breeding – utilising a low level of in-breeding – to develop new elite lines.

Performance data for the new varieties, and varieties produced under previous industry investments, will also be produced and delivered to industry.

Related levy funds

This project is a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Pineapple Fund.