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Completed project

Facilitating the development of the Queensland pineapple industry: stage 2 (PI12002)

Key research provider: Growcom
Publication date: Monday, April 4, 2016

What was it all about?

The Australian pineapple industry is undergoing a shift from predominantly processed fruit to supplying fresh markets.

This project, which ran from 2013 to 2015, engaged a part-time industry development officer to drive a suite of activities to develop the Australian pineapple industry in this new environment. Specifically the project aimed to boost the industry through better communication, increased stakeholder involvement and progressive research and development, as well as access to funding solutions.

Specific objectives of the project were to…

  • Increase grower engagement in organised industry activities such as study groups and field days
  • Improve grower awareness of industry issues and R&D outcomes
  • Enhance cohesion of the industry to ensure industry biosecurity research, development and extension needs were met
  • Participate in R&D funded market development activities
  • Support better targeted pineapple R&D investment.

The industry development officer provided the industry with a central point of contact, coordinated communications and facilitated initiatives and activities that engage growers.

Other tasks achieved by the officer included…

  • Industry input to the development of the Biosecurity Plan for the Pineapple Industry
  • Packhouse meetings to discuss production forecasts throughout the season (to inform the implementation of industry marketing strategies)
  • Technical updates to the Australian Pineapples website
  • Development and distribution of the quarterly Pineapple Press newsletter
  • Study groups (in conjunction with project PI10000 and subsequently PI13006)
  • Liaison with other industries
  • An Australian Pineapples display at the Royal Brisbane Show in 2013 and 2014 and at the Royal Sydney Easter Show in 2015
  • Contributing to the Pineapple Import Risk Analysis
  • Holding production forecast meetings to better understand the market and inform the implementation of industry marketing strategies
  • Notifying growers of minor use chemical permits and assisting with the application for an emergency chemical access permit following Cyclone Marcia.

The enhanced industry cohesiveness and engagement arising from the project will assist growers to adapt to the fresh market demands with new varieties.

Study groups have continued to have a high level of participation from growers and industry stakeholders. Farm critiques are a new and important part of the study group meetings whereby a visiting grower will provide a critique of the host farm after the farm walk. This encourages growers to share their learnings and consider new approaches.

Additionally, the communication channels that allow growers to receive and ask for advice will continue to be helpful beyond the life of the project.

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Funding statement:
This project has been funded by Hort Innovation

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