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Ongoing project

Passionfruit postharvest best practice review (PF18002)

Key research provider: Applied Horticultural Research

What’s it all about?

Previous levy investment Passionfruit supply chain and distribution (PF13006) delivered insights into passionfruit supply chains, including the fact that poor quality at retail remains a key issue and is limiting growth.

In order to lift passionfruit quality, this project is set to help growers and others in the supply chain better understand and adopt best practice postharvest management. It is also tasked with investigating and increasing awareness of emerging new techniques and technologies that may be relevant to the Australian passionfruit industry.

Areas of focus for the project team include pre-harvest and harvest effects on postharvest quality; postharvest treatments; cooling, storage and transport; packaging materials; and measuring quality and grading fruit. Among other things, passionfruit quality can be significantly affected by inconsistent grading, poor storage techniques and postharvest disease.

The project will ultimately deliver a best practice guide for industry.

Related levy funds

This project is a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Passionfruit Fund