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Ongoing project

Educating health professionals about Australian olive products (OL19001)

Key research provider: Boundary Bend Olives

What’s it all about?

Now in its second phase, this investment is responsible for disseminating evidence-based health information about olive products to an audience of Australian healthcare professionals and other health-interested professionals (such as those in the fitness industry and life coaches). The information is also available to students of health-related disciplines, researchers, olive growers and olive processors.

Following on from Educating health professionals about Australian olive products (OL17002) the new project will build on its predecessor’s learnings to develop more targeted resources for each interested stakeholder group.

The information is being delivered through an expanded Olive Wellness Institute (developed by Boundary Bend), and the goal is to equip the target audiences with the knowledge needed to be able to advise patients, clients and the wider public on including healthy olive products in their daily life.

Over the past six months, the project team has progressed efforts to educate health professionals about the benefits of Australian olives

The Olive Wellness website continued to be updated with regular articles and new content.

Monthly subscriber newsletters, social media activities, podcasts and events (in-person and virtual) were also utilised to share information and resources.

The team conducted baseline market research to set benchmarks, which will be reassessed annually to measure knowledge and behaviour change.


Find out more about the benefits of Australian olives at the Olive Wellness website.

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Progress continues with new information and resources being distributed through the Olive Wellness Institute website.

Two new articles on the health benefits of olive oil have been uploaded to the website, along with a podcast recording tailored for General Practitioners (GPs) which talks of the proven benefits olive oil has on inflammation, endothelial function, hypertension, insulin sensitivity and diabetes.

Social media activities continue to expand and disseminate key messages on olive oil through established Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram pages.


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