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Completed project

Educating health professionals about Australian olive products (OL19001)

Key research provider: Boundary Bend Olives
Publication date: Monday, May 22, 2023

What was it all about?

From 2020 to 2023, the Olive Wellness Institute project educated health professionals and food service professionals about the health benefits of olive-based products. The project increased awareness about the Olive Wellness Institute, developed its website, and provided additional tools and resources to engage and educate professionals in the health and food industry. While the primary target audience remained healthcare professionals, the project expanded its focus to include food service and culinary professionals, while remaining relevant to olive growers and processors in Australia.

To achieve this the following activities were undertaken:

  • The olive science database was updated with published literature monthly.
  • Regular articles were written and published on the website.
  • New resources, such as a virtual sensory tasting guide, e-books, and an oil comparison tool, were released.
  • Participation in healthcare professional events through trade stands.
  • Webinars were hosted.
  • Podcast episodes on olive science were released.
  • Educational YouTube videos were developed and launched.
  • An Extra Virgin Olive Oil Health and Nutrition Report was released and launched.
  • Annual market research was conducted among healthcare professionals and food service professionals.
  • The website was redeveloped to improve user experience and search engine optimisation (SEO) ranking.

Overall, there was a significant increase in awareness of the Olive Wellness Institute among healthcare professionals. Key attitudes and likelihood to promote olive products remained high. Importantly, there was also a significant increase in healthcare professionals' knowledge of how to identify extra virgin olive oil that meets Australian Standards.

Based on the 2023 survey, 100 per cent of Hort Innovation olive levy payers who participated expressed their support for the continuation of the Olive Wellness Institute, recognising it as a valuable resource. This highlights the project's value to Australian olive growers in promoting consumption of Australian olive products through education and an increased awareness of their health benefits.