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Ongoing project

Nursery usage and attitudes benchmark program (NY22200)

Key research provider: Fifty-Five Five

What's it all about?

This project is benchmarking consumers’ attitudes and perceptions of the nursery category. The results will be used to inform and improve the impact of future marketing and provide the foundations to identify how future campaigns impact attitudes and behaviours.

The benchmarking will:

  • Determine the level of “brand health” (e.g. consideration, purchase intention) of nursery products.
  • Identify salient attitudes and perceptions relevant to the nursery category.
  • Determine key differences of key metrics by segments and cohorts.
  • Examine the link between perceptions and purchasing behaviour.
  • Identify and benchmark key barriers to increasing purchasing frequency.
  • Examine the level of knowledge that exists in the category and how it influences purchasing decisions.
  • Determine shifts in key metrics and barriers that arise during and after the campaign.
Related levy funds

This project is a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Nursery Fund