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Completed project

Industry extension and development of Plant Life Balance (NY18005)

Key research provider: Republic of Everyone
Publication date: Monday, August 3, 2020

What was it all about?

Plant Life Balance is the nursery and garden industry’s consumer facing program. It’s backed by the Simple Science package of research from levy-funded R&D, detailing the air quality and wellbeing of plants, and its centrepiece is the award-winning Plant Life Balance app – the world’s first virtual reality greening app, which was launched in late 2017 through the Hort Innovation Nursery Fund’s marketing program. You can read more about the app and its development here.

This short project, which took place during 2019, provided support at key industry events, delivered industry briefings and shared communications to help growers and other nursery industry participants be aware of and understand Plant Life Balance, including assets and tools available for use in their own businesses.

The project team developed a new set of creative assets (a kit) for use at events, including display and training materials for industry groups. They worked to ensure industry participants were well versed in using these tools and how they may be added to their own activities.

Team members travelled to each event and provided key support to set up the displays, demonstrate its use to the local industry representative and their team, to then take over management of the installation. The team also ran industry training and briefing sessions.

The Plant Life Balance industry kit was utilised at the following events:

  • Perth Garden Festival, Perth, April 2019
  • NGIV Trade Day and Industry Dinner, Melbourne, June 2019
  • Green Expo, Brisbane, August 2019
  • Royal Adelaide Show, Adelaide, September 2019

The objective of this project was to connect with key industry events as a means to reach consumers, but more importantly, to engage with and educate industry members on the Plant Life Balance program and how they can use it to increase the sales of plants and trees.


Access the Plant Life Balance App to learn more about the benefits of plants and how they may work in a landscape.

Read more about how the app was developed.


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Funding statement:

This project was funded through the Hort Innovation Nursery Fund using the nursery R&D levy and contributions from the Australian Government.


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