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Ongoing project

Improving pest management for the nursery industry (NY17009)

Key research provider: Nursery & Garden Industry Australia

What’s it all about?

Contracted in August 2018, this investment is tasked with helping to improve and inform pest management across the nursery industry. It has a focus on key areas of plant protection including chemical access, structured crop monitoring and integrated pest and management, and is undertaking trials and producing information resources for growers, including information on the economic costs and benefits associated with approaches to pest management.

A crop monitoring trial has begun across key nursery production cropping systems to understand the costs associated with day to day pest management across a range of production nurseries. 

Biological Services have been secured to undertake the crop monitoring across seven selected production nurseries, beginning in April 2020. Monthly crop monitoring summaries will be provided to Greenlife Industry Australia to assist with pest trending analysis.

The data captured in the first year of the trial will be representative of the cost of pest management without structured crop monitoring and integrated pest management (IPM) principles in place.

The second year of data will follow the nurseries as they apply IPM principles. This data will then be compared to year one to evaluate the cost-benefit of structured crop monitoring and IPM practices in Australian production nurseries.

COVID-19 impacts

The COVID-19 pandemic response may impact crop monitoring services to production nurseries, as well as the operation of some participating production nurseries in the future. This will be dependent on government response to the crisis and will continue to be monitored.


Read an industry update about the project, Implementing effective IPM using BioSecure HACCP procedures, published on the nursery industry’s Your Levy @ Work website.


Related levy funds

This project is a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Nursery Fund.