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Completed project

Nursery and garden industry communications 2013-2015 (NY12011)

Publication date: Tuesday, February 5, 2019

What was it all about?

This project, which ran from 2013 to 2015, ensured that growers, the extended value chain, government and the general public were kept informed about the return on investment of nursery industry R&D through a range of communication tools and channels.

Project activities included the development and distribution of more than 30 Nursery Papers covering topics such as R&D, business and technical issues. The information communicated through these papers was designed to assist in developing industry skills, knowledge and practice and to build industry support through shaping government and public understanding of the nursery industry’s benefits. Effective distribution of this information to as many growers and other stakeholders as possible was achieved using the commercial trade publication Hort Journal and online via the Nursery and Garden Industry Australia website.

The project also led to the delivery of the monthly e-newsletter YourLevy@Work to in excess of 1600 recipients and was supported by an online blog at

Throughout the project, four industry policies were developed on communication, water, plant labelling and environmental sustainability.

Communication to industry and the extended value chain was further supported through social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

An independent review of the project found that it achieved improved internal and external communication and resulted in better decisions being made.


Industry communications continue to be facilitated through Hort Innovation Nursery Fund investments. You can subscribe to receive regular updates through the Your Levy at Work website and visit the Nursery & Garden Industry Australia website here.