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Ongoing project

Mushroom supply chain and consumer analytics (MU23003)

Key research provider: Freshlogic

What is it all about?

This project provides analytics on the Australian mushroom supply chain, the volumes and value of product as it travels through distribution channels and the influences on household buying behaviour. These insights are available through a 12-month subscription to Freshlogic Analytics.

Through the subscription, the mushroom industry will have access to three years of comparative historical data across seven supply chain and consumer buyer dashboards:

  • Supply and distribution
  • Retail channel
  • Food service channel
  • Purchasing metrics
  • Import and export trade
  • Consumer shopping behaviour
  • Household metrics.

In addition to the seven category dashboards that map the product through the supply chain, this service also provides access to two other dashboards that are designed to profile the tactical pricing pulse for the category. These dashboards are:

  • Weekly Pricing and Trading Influences (mushroom).
  • Adwatch (all fresh vegetable categories).

Between them these dashboards profile retail, wholesale, and promotional price intelligence, seasonality plus the all-important perspective of trend comparisons.

Related levy funds

This project is a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Mushroom Fund