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Completed project

Mushroom industry conference (MU21008)

Key research provider: Australian Mushroom Growers' Association
Publication date: Monday, December 19, 2022

What was it all about?

This project delivered a national mushroom industry conference which took place over three days, 26 to Friday 28 October 2022 in Adelaide, South Australia. The conference improved the communication of information to mushroom growers regarding mushroom production, sustainability, health benefits, consumer marketing and more. 

A total of 157 delegates attended, representing growers, suppliers, research, and development agencies from nine countries (New Zealand, Ukraine, Netherlands, UK, Germany, Spain, Poland, Sri Lanka, Australia).

The three-day forum included:

  • Three sponsored social events which provided valuable opportunities to showcase the research capability of the industry
  • Built relationships based on a better understanding of the distinctive qualities and opportunities to be had
  • Learned and discover new ideas and practices.

Showcasing 20 speakers, the design of the conference program specifically enabled:

  • Professional development and learning.
  • Networking with speakers, sponsors/exhibitors, and other delegates
  • Farm visits for firsthand learning opportunities.

With the conference theme of Growing the Future Together, there was emphasis on working together to build the industry for the benefit of all.

Related levy funds

This project was a strategic levy investment in the Hort Innovation Mushroom Fund